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"Music is the universal language of mankind"

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-82)



  This grant-making trust succeeded Music at Saint George's in February 2001.

Music at Saint George's (which was founded in October 1977) was a promoter of public events. During its 25-year life, it promoted 250 such events featuring many hundreds of amateur and professional musicians, about one-third of whom were young artists. Since its registration as a charitable trust in February 1995, its aims were changed to allow it to concentrate exclusively on the promotion of high-achieving and highly-talented young artists.

Up to its registration as a charity, about one-third of its promotions were devoted to young musicians. From this date, however, all promotions were devoted to the young musician. The launch of the Norfolk Young Musician Competition in March 1993 further helped to boost both their confidence and public-performance skills. (In January 2002, the management of this competition was successfully transferred to the Norwich-based The Michael Badminton Young Musician Trust.)

In March 1999, the trust's work was rewarded with the presentation of a Civic Award "for Outstanding Voluntary Service to the Community of Norwich".



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