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"Music is the universal language of mankind"

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-82)




The Norfolk Youth Music Trust is also seeking your help – but what makes it such an excellent choice for your help?

By donating to our trust you will be encouraging and assisting in developing the technical and artistic skills of highly-talented young people leading to careers in music.

You will be encouraging and assisting in developing the technical and artistic skills of highly-talented young people leading to careers in music.

You will have the knowledge that, although the trust is locally managed and fully accountable, with its policies being determined locally, its trustees' experience of high national standards will continued to be applied.

The trustees have a proven track-record of over 35 years of helping and publicly-promoting talented young people, most of whom have either already made (or will go on to make) music their career, either as solo performers, ensemble members, or teachers.

The confidence that, with all trustees and trust officers living and working locally, they have a strong sense of the music requirements of young musicians living in the local community, as well as those they seek to help.

All trustees and trust officers give their services without charge, and the only costs incurred are those minimal ones which are necessary to administer the Trust, therefore.

Making Giving less Taxing!

The government, through the giving campaign, now encourages basic- and higher-rate taxpayers' donations to charities by reducing their tax bill. This applies both to gifts that are individual (through Gift-Aid) or regular (through Payroll-Giving). There are also tax-saving advantages to those deciding to either donate shares and securities, or make bequests.

If you require any further information on this campaign, please contact the secretary at the trust's registered office.

What are the benefits for donors?

First, the satisfaction that they will be helping both the musical development and encouragement of highly-talented Norfolk-based young people to become full-time professional musicians.

Second, with all trustees and officers of the trust giving their services freely, the knowledge that their contribution will be devoted fully to the purpose you intend.

What are the benefits for the public?

Music affects many aspects of a nation's life - in the home, on television and radio, in the cinema, in the theatre, and during public events.

Young musicians are the artists of tomorrow and the country's future, therefore.

These are important considerations, and the trustees believe that it is for the public good that the maximum help is offered to our young people to ensure that they achieve their full potential, and that their highest aspirations are met.


The trustees would like to thank you for your consideration of this appeal, and for any help you feel able to give.

You may wish to consider either a one-off donation, or one spread over more than one year.

If you would wish your donation to be designated for a particular purpose, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretary first.

Please credit all payments to The Norfolk Youth Music Trust, and send them to the Secretary at the registered office of the trust; or, you can donate online.

Here is the secure link to the On-line Donation Form; you can also link to the trust's Website profile at

All donations will be acknowledged in writing, and in the Annual Report and all publicity material, unless you would prefer otherwise.

If you are unable to respond at this time, but may be able to later, the trustees would like to let you know that the Appeal is on-going.   

If you would like to know more

If there is any further information which you believe would help you in your consideration of this appeal the Secretary will be delighted to provide it. A copy of the last Annual Report and Accounts may be downloaded from this website.


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